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Mallorca wedding photographer for authentic and unposed photography

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I love golden sunsets, the air by the sea, the light of warm summer nights and the stunning scenery of the mountains.  Away from the camera you will find me travelling to unknown destinations, reading books in the sun or enjoying good food and wine with close friends.

I have always seen beauty in everything and everyone. To follow my creative side, I studied art in Latvia, worked as a make-up artist in London and, as I had the opportunity to travel through South Africa for six months, I soon discovered, that photography has become my passion, talent, addiction and expression of myself. I also lived in London and Germany for over seven years until I finally discovered the magical island Mallorca.

My style and approach is natural and creative and I love to work with couples, who allow allow me to photograph their true self . For me it is very important to capture the spontaneous moments and real emotions, that will allow you to re-live your wedding day for years to come. These are the memories of each unique wedding. I love movement and keeping the energy flowing which means I don’t over pose. I want the true, raw emotions. Your natural self in front of the lens is more beautiful than you think! I want you to see an image of yourself and remember the story behind it because every struggle, every joy, and all the in-between moments make your journey inspired and beautiful.

Let’s connect– I can’t wait to hear all about your story and would love to discuss your special day with you!

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Mallorca Hochzeitsfotohraf

I invite you to see my portfolio if you’re on a search for best Mallorca wedding photographers. I hope you get inspired!

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