Mallorca wedding photographer

Photography made with love

Mallorca wedding photographer
Mallorca Hochzeitsfotografie

Mallorca wedding photographer for adventurous couples in love



I am free spirited, adventure loving soul, living on this magical island and working as a full time Mallorca wedding photographer.

My photography style is very much focused on unposed and real moments. I am driven by light, love and the raw beauty of the couples in front of my camera. I love what I do because there is nothing better for me than capturing your day in the most real and honest way and create a story, that will be passed down for generations.

When I am not behind my camera, I enjoy home cooked food and good vino, endless beach days and together with my husband exploring our beautiful island. New adventures fill our souls and we always crave to take new hikes or road trip down highways we’ve never been. 

To find out more about me, please click here or browse through the galleries to get a better picture of my style.

Stories inspire me and I would love to hear yours!  Let’s connect and plan your perfect adventure together!

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